Sunshine Coast

I just spent the weekend with some gems on the Sunshine Coast.

This trip was planned originally around my good friends birthday, but really it was just a ploy to get everyone together and have a chill weekend.

Oddly, I've never been on the sunshine coast before, but I've heard so many great things, naturally, we had to go.

Goodbye Vancouver!

I find ferries peaceful.. is that weird? Peaceful usually isn't the word used to describe being crammed on a boat with hundreds of people. 

However, Its great to get out on the water, have some quiet time to yourself on the top deck and get a lot of fresh air and sunshine!

One of the reasons I haven't made it out to the island as much as I'd like to is the cost. The nice thing about the Sunshine Coast ferry is they only charge you once, when you return you don't pay anything. So round trip costs me half the price of going to the island.


Surprisingly, 10 of us all got the time off and could come on the trip. This is quite impressive. You have to understand,  the last time we tried to organize something it was a games night... on a Saturday... at 7pm... I think 3 people showed up. I say "I think" because I was not one of them.



Anyways, ten's a party! For obvious reasons, we had to rent a massive Airbnb, so we got an entire house or maybe it was a cabin. Regardless, it had four bedrooms, three couches, two living rooms, a fireplace, 73 board games, and one Quiji board. Yes, I decided not to include the Quiji board in the board games tally... because that's not a game... that's straight up ghost hunters stuff... and non of us are ghost hunters.


Our Airbnb was in Halfmoon Bay, we spent a good portion of our time inside relaxing, eating amazing food, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and laughing our ass off. On the Saturday there was a break in the rain and we managed to get out and do a hike. The hike was through the woods and up Enchanted Hill. The hike ended up being a good 3 hours, but any chance to get out into nature is worth it.

On Sunday, after packing up our gear,  we decided to explore Smugglers Cove just down the road. This place was amazing! The temperature dropped overnight and the rain turned to snow, which made the hike stunning. The hike starts out with wooden pathways and bridges weaving into the forest, over slightly frozen bodies of water and snow covered trees. 


After weaving through the wooden trails, you cut through the woods which takes you out along the coast where you get a great view of Texada island and the Straight of Georgia. 

When you continue through the woods, you get to smugglers cove. 

Fun Fact: This was once a safe haven for smugglers trying to smuggle Chinese LABORERS into the US


After grabbing some dinner, we raced back to the ferry and headed home. We got to catch an amazing sunset on the ferry (unfortunately the top deck was closed) which was a great finale to the trip.


Never stop exploring! Go places you've never been, do things you've never done,  there is so much to explore in this world.

All good Vibes