6 Amazing Places Around Vancouver You Need To See

Whether you’ve lived in Vancouver your entire life, new resident, or just stopping by, these are some great places around Vancouver you need to see.

Hope Trestle

Jos Ladner Creek 9.jpg

The first place on the this is up near Hope, BC. A short, steep, hike up a mountain brings you to a path that use to be an old train track. If you follow the trail for 15 minutes, up and over a collapsed tunnel, it brings you here. An old trestle bridge. It’s one of the most amazing sights. You can walk out onto the bridge but be careful as the wood has since rot away between the tracks.

Secret Location

Horseshoe Bay Sunset.jpg

This next one is a secret location. I found it only by being given a picture similar to this one. It’s such a small area off the side of the highway and it wouldn’t take much to become over crowded. There is a viewing platform down the rocks (someone made a small wooden deck) and some nice places to sit and catch sunset. There is a busy terminal down in the bay where you can watch the ships come and go all night. Do you know where it is?

Whytecliff Park

Sunset Whycliff 2.jpg

Just 20-30 minutes from Vancouver, Whytecliff Park is a great place to catch sunset. Take some time to explore the trails around the rocks, lay on the beach, or sit on the side of the cliff to watch the ferries coming and going during sunset. In the summer the park is usually pretty busy but in the winter you can usually find a spot to yourself.

Brandywine Falls

Brandywine Smaller-1.jpg

Brandywine Falls. Stunning waterfall (especially in the spring/summer) up near Whistler that offers up some amazing views. To get to the public viewpoint at the top it’s an easy 3 minute walk from the parking lot. However, if you really want to experience the falls you can hike down to the base. There is only one problem… the trail is relatively unmarked and difficult.

Harrison Lake

30min Exposure.jpg

Harrison Lake. Head up the highway past Hope to get to Harrison Hot Springs. The town itself is very touristy and popular in the summer months, but I recommend you follow the road up towards Sasquatch Provincial Park to do some camping. There are campgrounds in the park if you want all the amenities, or you can drive up a logging road for 30-40 minutes to get to a secluded beach with lake front camping available! The catch… the logging road is terribly bumpy. It is recommended to bring a truck but cars make it up the road all the time.

Finn Slough

Finn Slough.jpg

Finn Slough. Located in Richmond, Finn Slough is a small Fraser River fishing community. There are about 30 residents living wooden houses, both floating and built on stilts. Many of the structures we’re built in the 50’s, while some have decayed, a lot are still around, being constantly repaired. It’s definitely a sight to see. It would only take you 10-20 minutes to see it all, but it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before.