Places to photograph sunset around Edmonton, Alberta

I spent a week in Edmonton, AB, traveling around photographing the city at sunset. These are some of the places I found while location scouting. Sunset didn’t explode every night but the locations would have been great if they had!

Edmonton, Alberta

Muttart Conservatory

The first spot to catch sunset is a must, Muttart Conservatory. The conservatory is closed right now for renovations but that doesn’t stop you from going up to the roof for a beautiful view of downtown Edmonton while the sun sets. Not only is this a great vantage point but there are glass pyramids here! If you can get there after a day of rain the roof usually fills with water where you can get some pretty amazing reflections!

Edmonton, Alberta

Legislative Building

When i’m new to a city I always look at Legislative buildings, town halls, or city halls because they always tend to be these grand beautiful buildings with beautiful gardens out front. This is certain in Edmonton. The Legislative building is located downtown with beautiful gardens to walk and ponds and fountains out front. Sunset happens off to the right hand side of the building which lights up the front nicely. I got there a little later in the night so I only photographed it at night but during sunset it would be a banger shot.

Gallagher Park

I stumbled upon this lookout while driving down Strathearn Drive. I was trying to get back to the top of Gallagher park, there was so much construction that I ended up taking a long route. This worked out perfectly because I wouldn’t have found this amazing spot that over looks downtown Edmonton.

River Valley Overlook

Again, I stumbled upon this lookout while driving back to my hotel. I noticed the great vantage point and immediately pulled the car over! There is a beautiful spot to watch sunset, some benches, and a ramp going down the side of the hill. I came late so I only shot this location at night but during sunset this would be a great vantage point to see all of Edmonton!

Edmonton, Alberta

105th Street Bridge

This is one of Edmonton’s newest bridges and the architecture is beautiful. There are many locations to shoot this bridge but I opted to run up a mosquito filled hill/field to shoot through the grass towards sunset. It ended up being too cloudy to see sunset this night (and the mosquitos were way too insane) that I grabbed the shot and left to a new location. During an epic sunset this would be a great location.

Edmonton, Alberta

Glenora Stairs

While walking around the Legislative building I decided to cross over the street and tracks to see another park. Turns out these stairs are pretty famous. Called Glenora stairs, you can see people running, walking, and getting their physical exercise in going up and down this massive staircase. At the top you can find amazing views of the two train bridges.