Places to Shoot Sunrise Around Vancouver

Part 2 of the Sunrise/Sunset series! Places to Shoot Sunrise Around Vancouver will take you on a journey to some of my favorite places to photograph sunrise in and around Vancouver. Not a huge list because I find sunset is harder to predict if the light will really pop off and give you something good. Also, I do a terrible job at waking up early enough to catch it...

Stanley Park Lighthouse

This lighthouse in Stanley Park makes a perfect spot for sunrise. I managed to grab this shot just as the sun peaked above the horizon. The light hits the lighthouse and it looks magical.

Lighthouse Sunrise.jpg

Queen Elizabeth Park

I came hear as a plan B because I slept in.. but it was actually really good. There is no real way to shoot the sunrise head on, nor would I want to, but if you look out towards the mountains you can see the aplen glow as the sun hits the peaks of the mountains. You can also over look downtown Vancouver as the sun hits the buildings!

Grouse Mountain Smaller.jpg

Cypress Mountain

Probably one of the best places you can shoot for sunrise. Every time I've gone up there the sunrise has been unreal! The sun pops its head over Mount Baker but before it does that it usually gives you an amazing light show. You can also zoom in and see the sunrise over downtown Vancouver.

Sunrise Cypress.jpg

Stanley Park

Another great spot for sunrise is Stanley Park looking towards downtown Vancouver. Watch as the sun bounces off the buildings and reflects back to you.

Vancouver Downtown.jpg