Places to Shoot Sunset Around Vancouver

Vancouver plays host to some amazing sunsets, however, if you are trying to find the best spot to watch sunset every website will tend to point you toward the very tourist locations. This past year I've found plenty of spots to photograph the sunset. Most are away from the tourist locations but still close enough to get to after work, so there are no excuses why you can't catch sunset! Enjoy the list, and let me know what you think!

Cates Park

Relatively new discovery for me! Cates Park is in North Vancouver by Deep Cove. It provides an amazing sunset view, but can get very busy on a hot summer day. I'm a sucker for docks so this was perfect. I happened to find this perfect stream leading the eyes into this amazing sunset, but there are tons of other compositions around!

Cates Park Sunset.jpg

Spanish Banks

If you're looking for an open view of the ocean, this is perfect. This is the trail between Jericho Beach and Wreck Beach and I found it a relatively quiet hike in terms of people but I'm sure that will change in the summer. Like I said, you get an open view of the ocean but also get a faint glimpse of the island mountains in the distance. The hike is pretty rocky so make sure you have some good shoes, and watch the tide!

Sunset Spanish Banks 4.jpg

Ambleside Park

I've come to Ambleside Park a couple times for sunset and each time has been relatively quiet. It's the perfect get a great view of Stanley Park, the Lions Gate Bridge, or the sunset. Arrive early, enjoy the dog beach, or walk around the shore trail, there is plenty to do. There is a skate park right next to the water if you're looking for urban action shots. 

Totem Rocks Smaller.jpg

White Rock Pier

The White Rock pier at sunset is worth the drive down to White Rock. The pier is iconic for photographers, and provides endless composition opportunities. There are tons of paid parking stalls along the shore, but i'm sure it fills up fast in the summer.

White Rock Pier No Person.jpg

Murrin Provincial Park

A quick hike brings you to the top of this mountain with this amazing view of the Howe Sound! The hike is up near Squamish, so it is a drive if you're coming from Vancouver, but totally worth it! The hike only takes around 30 min to get to the top, and does have some pretty steep sections, but the views are unbeatable! When I first did this hike I was completely caught off guard, one minute you're hiking in the forest, the next you're standing on the edge of a cliff looking out into the Howe Sound! 

Take a Seat Smaller.jpg

Whytecliff Park

Just outside of West Vancouver (near the ferry terminal), Whytecliff park is amazing for sunsets. It gets really busy here in the summer, especially on nice days, so come early if you want a parking spot! Take some time to wander the trails and climb the rocks! When the tide is low you can get out to that massive rock and climb up and explore, but don't get caught up there when the tide rolls in or else you'll be spending the night!

Whytcliff Park.jpg

English Bay

Supper touristy, but English Bay is gorgeous. The beach is great, there are a lot of restaurants and shops around, you just need to be OK with crowds. I wouldn't recommend driving at all if it's a sunny/hot day, transit will be your best bet! 

Grass Set Print.jpg

Coal Harbor

If you're looking for more of a urban sunset, the Coal Harbor area is great. You get some city mixed with views of Stanley Park and some mountains in the background. This area does get crowded in the summer so again, I wouldn't recommend driving!