4 Great Places to Shoot London's Tower Bridge

After spending only three days in London, I managed to shoot the iconic Tower Bridge from multiple angles. These are my top 4 locations to shoot the Tower Bridge.

London Tower Bridge.jpg

The first location is right in Front of the Tower of London. After explore the Tower of London, I took the time to walk around the water On my way towards the Tower Bridge I walked over to the edge of the river. After weaving through 100ā€™s of people I made my way closer to the bridge. I wanted to get a nice close picture encompassing the entire bridge. I decided to put on a 10 stop ND filter to lengthen my shutter speed to smooth out the water and help eliminate people and cars.

Tower Bridge Cars.jpg

The second location is on the Tower Bridge. Take the stairs near the Tower of London to the top of the bridge. In this shot I set up my camera to follow the railing towards the towers. This was shot with my 18-55 lens but I wished I had a wider lens at the time. This was midday and the bridge was packed with people taking photos and cars driving by. I decided to put on a 10 stop ND filter so that I could slow my shutter speed and take a long exposure. This allowed me to eliminate some people but also added movement in the vehicles on the bridge. If I were to shoot it again iā€™d lower the fstop, raise my shutter speed, focus in on that railing, blur the background, and capture the cars in more detail whizzing by.

Tower Bridge.jpg

This shot is one of my favorites. If you head towards City Hall there is a long staircase that heads up to a urban park with restaurants, fountains, and benches. Just outside the tall buildings. You can set up your camera on the edge of the lookout and snap a wide angle shot showing the walkway in the foreground and the Tower Bridge in the background. At the time I was there, there was an art gallery down on the walkway.

Tower Bridge Boat.jpg

The last shot is down along the walkway next to the river wall. I really loved the combination of the boat anchored in the foreground and the Tower Bridge in the background. I was waiting for the bridge to open but it never did! I put on a 10 stop ND filter again to help smooth out the water and clouds.