Top Vlogs I follow

I mentioned in my past blog that I spent a lot of time watching YouTube videos to help me learn the basics of photography. I thought I’d share with you some of the top Vlogs I follow. These channels aren't all about photography. Some are about cinematography, some are couples living the vanlife, and some are just motivational!

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Photography and Cinematography

Peter Mckinnon - Peter is a monster! Not only is he a great photographer he is an amazing cinematographer. His B-roll clips are amazing and he's just a down to earth dude. Peter also does a lot of video tutorials on Premiere Pro and Photoshop. When I was starting out these were insanely confusing and he's helped a lot.

Peter's Channel

Matti Haapoja - Matti originally had a channel called Travel Feels which he recently changed to just his name because he felt "Travel Feels" didn't represent his channel accurately anymore. Like Peter, he is a beast at B-roll and cinematography footage. I've learned so much about camera movements, camera composition, and how I can improve my drone footage.

Matti's Channel

Jodi Dewberry - Jodi is relatively new to the whole digital nomad community. Last year, she quit her job to travel the world with Brendan (Vlogger below). She started a YouTube channel to follow her journey. It’s both informative and motivational. She took a huge risk and seems to be loving it.

Jodi's Channel

Brendan Van Son - I would love to live Brendans life. He's a daily Vlogger who travels the world taking photos for commercial clients. He posts videos everyday (which is insane!) and he puts out great content on how he found/decided on shots and how he sets up his gear for that shot! Very instructional.

Brendan's Channel

Thomas Heaton - Thomas is a landscape photographer based in the UK. He shoots around his home town a lot, but has traveled else ware in the world. He has taught me the importance of preparation and planning, as well as how to get the most crisp shots possible. He's phenomenal at composition and getting minimalist shots.

Thomas' Channel


Eamon and Bec - I just stumbled across this channel a few months ago. They're a couple living in Toronto who decided a year ago not to purchase a house but to buy a van and convert it into their home. They now live in their van full-time and vlog about their lives. As someone who is looking to buy a van and do a similar conversion, I really enjoy their channel.

Eamon and Bec Channel

Minimal Millennials - Like Eamon and Bec they are a couple who decided to purchase a van and convert it into their home. They travel the continent and vlog about their experiences. They recently did a massive month long trip with Eamon and Bec to Mexico. 

 Minimal Millenials



Will Smith - I don't listen to a lot of motivational vlogs anymore but I stumbled upon Will Smith's new vlog and it's great! Not only is he insanely motivational with everything he does, he is hilarious. Each episode is him trying new adventures and crossing things off his bucket list. He's trying to help build who he wants to be.

Will's Channel

Casey Neistat - Daily vlogger based in NYC, Casey is inspirational and a badass person. He lives the life he wants, doesn't take shit from anyone, and does what he "can't". He tells it how it is and you can trust him to give you an honest opinion. He has over 9 million subscribers on Youtube and it seems like everyone knows him in NYC. Definitely someone to check out!

Casey's Channel