I’m going to live in a van

I’m going to live in a van..

Let me explain.. as I mentioned in the last blog, in order to extending my knowledge of photography I have been watching popular photography vlogs. While on this expedition I’ve come across a lot of vloggers who live in sprinter vans they’ve converted. The thought of living in a van had never tickled my fancy... then I started thinking about it more...


If you’re like me and love to explore, travel, and take photos, a van is perfect! A converted van can offer you everything you need, a place to sleep, a place to cook, and a place to do work.  


The dream is to obviously work from home (the van) and travel around the world taking photos. What more would you want?? You get to wake up wherever you want.. you can wake up for sunrise on the beach every morning if that’s what you’re into!

It’s does come with some sacrifice though... for instance, you have to be ok with not showering everyday or even every few days. You have to be ok with going to the bathroom in public restrooms (yes some people do put toilets in their van..but I wouldn’t). You also have to be ok with living in a very tiny space for months on end. If you can get past those little details, living in a van can be quite amazing.


When you decide to build, there are many different ways and a lot of features you could incorporate into the van. Windows are a must, I need that natural light. Toilet isn’t important (ok I realize a toilet is important, but if I’m in a van, I can easily pull over at rest stops and go to the bathroom). Solar panels for all the electronics, gas stove, some kind of heater.. because I do live in Canada, the list goes on.. but that’s my plan in the future. If I’m not living full-time in a van, I’ll definitely be traveling for months at a time in said van.

After that.. a tiny home.. 


I highly recommend going on YouTube and searching VanLife living, the videos are endless.


Let me know what your thought are! 

Sean Pullen